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K1IW Amateur Repeater and Broadcast Transmitters Database Websearch

Use this form to generate a list of amateur repeaters and broadcast transmitters to your specifications.
The database covers the fifty U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and the ten Canadian provinces.

List all transmitters withinmiles of  .
List only the closest transmitter for each frequency.   
Show systems noted as off-air (dark)
Enter location in the form Townname, ST.
Use a comma after the town name, and the USPS
standard two-letter abbreviation for the state.
You can enter the Latitude/Longitude in the form
Band(s): 29 MHz/10m
50 MHz/6m
144 MHz/2m
222 MHz/1.25m
440 MHz/70cm
902 MHz/33cm
1280 MHz/23cm
AM Broadcast
FM Broadcast
TV Broadcast

Case Sensitive
You may enter a text string which must appear somewhere in the record
in order for that record to be displayed.
Click here for some examples.
If you leave this field blank, no filter will be applied.

Broadcast transmitter information is obtained from the FCC database.
Repeater information is from the NFCC official coordination entity (OCE) when available.
Otherwise, an alternate is used. Some areas have multiple sources.
Click here for source data details.

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